Do Me A Favour - Drop Dead
Keith Devery arrived in the small town of Wicksteed with a criminal record and a lot of ambition. And when he met Frank Marshall, a local drunk who was about to inherit a million dollars, he knew that here was a golden opportunity to get back into the big league. Marshall's mysterious wife Beth agreed with him...and together they ruthlessly plotted a perfect murder. Then Keith found that he had himself been set up...and that Beth had plans of her own once the money was hers...
'Suppose we cut out the Frank thing, huh?' He reached his glass and took a long drink. 'Suppose we say Mr. Marshall, huh? No unfriendly feelings...just status symbol, huh?
'Why sure, Mr. Marshall.' We looked at each other. He laughed: an uneasy, embarrassed laugh. 'Go along with me, son. I'm feeling like a millionaire.'
You fat, drunken sonofbitch, I thought, I'll go along with you only because I want to screw your wife. ( from Do Me A Favour- Drop Dead, 1976)

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