Believe This...You'll Believe Anything
Clay Burden had married his sluttish young wife, Rhoda, because he was tired of being on his own. Val had walked out on him - and if he couldn't have Val, maybe marriage would make him forget her. Six years later, working in Paradise City, Clay met Val again. Married to the powerfull and sinister Henry Vidal, she had changed...still beautiful and passionate, still compelling...but tense and nervous, driven by odd fears and anxieties...When Clay left his job and joined the Vidal empire, what had began as a sneaking felling of unease hardened into stone-cold certainly. Val must be released from the hypnotic influence exerted over hand by her husband - even if Clay had to murder to set her free...
I opened the door and walked into the big, comfortably furnished sitting room that contained so many flowers it looked like a florist's shop. I saw a tall, dark haired, slim woman in a long white wrap was standing by the window. Although six years had passed since I last saw her, I knew her immediately. She was more beautiful now, more poised but still the woman I had never ceased to love. 'Val!' I stood staring at her. 'It can't be you! Va1!'. 'At last,' she said. 'Darling Clay.' She came to me, sliding her arms around my neck, her full breast against my neck, her lovely mouth raised to be kissed. ( from Believe This...You'll Believe Anything, 1975)

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