The Soft Centre

The Soft Centre - 1964
The adventure begins with Valerie Burnett, the attractive daughter of a multimillionaire, and her husband Chris in the luxurious Spanish Bay Hotel with special advice to get some relaxation in the Miami sun especially after Chris had received severe brain injuries from a car accident.In a shabby second-rate motel on the outskirts of Florida an attractive blonde was found savagely murdered. On the same night Chris Burnett disappeared.Police investigated but when the case proved too much for them, Joan Parnell, the sister of the dead woman, went to seek The Hare Investigating Agency to find her sister’s killer. Luckily for them, they stumbled on enough evidence that turned them greedy and the story begins with twists and styles as expected from our beloved author, James Hadley Chase.

After the conversation, she had to make an effort to go down to the beach, but now she was there, she was pleased, it was quiet, and she could relax a little in the warmth of the sun.She glanced around and saw the enormous old man wearing a wrinkled white tropical suit and an ageing panama hat plodding towards her. She wandered who he was, and suddenly she realised that he was heading her way. She looked quickly away. Opening her handbag, she took a pack of cigarettes.The old man was very close to her now, and as she tapped her cigarette, he said, ‘Allow me madam.’As she was about to turn her back, her eyes fell on the lighter. She felt her heart skip a beat, making her catch her breath sharply.

Extracted photos from Corgi paperback edition:

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