A Coffin From Hong Kong

A Coffin From Hong Kong - 1962
A mysterious voice from the telephone ; a beautiful Chinese girl shot dead ; a rich old man with a troubled conscience ; a private investigator involved in murder ; a Chinese prostitute who talked too much ; and a coffin. There are some of the intriguing ingredients of James Hadley Chase's splendid thriller. It is definitely a book to keep you awake long after your bedtime.

Extracts from novel:
Sitting, facing me in the client’s chair was lovely-looking Chinese girl, her hands folded rather primly on her lap. She was wearing a green and silver Cheongsam, slit up either side to show off hr beautiful legs. She looked peaceful and not even surprised. From the small bloodstain over her left breast, I guessed she had been shot quickly and expertly: so quickly she had no chance to be scared. Whoever had shot her had done a good, swift job.

Extracted photos from Granda paperback edition:

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