But A Short Time To Live
A street photographer like Harry Ricks had to take chances sometimes, it was part of his job. But when he snapped a beautiful girl one evening on Leicester Square, he didn’t bargain on being beaten up in an alley and having the film torn from his camera…
That was only the start of Harry’s problems. Soon he was even more deeply involved in the strange affair of Clair Dolan…the most expensive relationship of his career…

‘Good-bye,’ She said abruptly.
Harry took her hand, and as he did so she appeared to stumble, and she caught hold of his coat to steady herself, and he felt a little tug at his hip pocket. He stepped back and something fell on the pavement at his feet. Clair bent swiftly , snatched it up snd put it with one lightning movement into her bag. But Harry had seen it: a worn bulky leather wallet.

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