Want To Stay Alive?
A Seminole Indian, an easy-rider and his beatnik girl arrive in Paradise City, the playground for millionaires. They survey the scene and the Indian plans to spread terror through the opulent City and once terror has gripped, then to begin a systematic demand for money.Do you want to stay alive ? Pay-up or else...
McCuen took out his bifocals, put them on and peered at the sheet of paper. Written in block letters was the message:

What the hell is this?’ McCuen demanded in a grating voice.
‘I don’t know,’ Martha said. ‘I thought you should see it.’
‘Why?’ McCuen glared at her. ‘Can’t you see it was from some lunatic?’
‘I’m sorry, Mr. McCuen.’
At 09.03, his dictation finished, his temper a little smouldering, McCuen stalked out into the sunshine where is Rolls was waiting.
‘I’ll be back at six.’ Those were his last words he was to utter. Martha was standing close to McCuen, looking up at him as his high forehead exploded into a spongy mess of blood and brains. His blood sprayed her white skirt.

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