Like most bank managers, Dave Calvin had acquired an irresistible charm that he could switch on whenever he felt the necessity. Underneath it he was cold, calculating, brutal; a perfect murderer...For years he waited, watching an endless stream of money pass through his hands, knowing that a risk was only worth taking if the reward was justified. And a three hundred thousand dollar payroll was justification enough, even for murder...
Now he was close to this man, he was aware of piercing blue eyes, a lipless mouth, a square brutal jaw, but all this suddenly dissolved into charm when the man smiled : it was a wide friendly smile that softened the brutal lines and made Travers suddenly wonder why he had disliked this man at first sight." I'm Dave Calvin, " the man said. " I'm the new manager of the bank. "

‘You can’t talk me into this!’ Kit said hysterically. ‘I’m not going to do it! I can’t sleep. I keep thinking for her studying her stupid books night after night while you are planning to murder her! I won’t do it! I’d rather stay poor.

You were a fool to have hooked up with her, he told himself, but maybe she was right. I should have stayed poor.

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