Do Me A Favour - Drop Dead

Do Me A Favour - Drop Dead - 1976

Keith Devery arrived in the small town of Wicksteed with a criminal record and a lot of ambition. And when he met Frank Marshall, a local drunk who was about to inherit a million dollars, he knew that here was a golden opportunity to get back into the big league.Marshall's mysterious wife Beth agreed with him... and together they ruthlessly plotted the perfect murder. Then Keith found that he had himself been set up... and that Beth had plans of her own once the money was hers...

Getting to my feet, I moved around the big room, feeling distrust and suspicion nibbling at my mind...From the moment when she had left the house with Bernstein, I had had this vague suspicion she was walking out on me, and now the suspicion turned into a frightening reality.Feeling cold and sick, and now realizing that I had been taken for a sucker... I sat for some minutes, staring out of the window." Okay, Beth, " I said aloud, spitting out the words. " Don't imagine you'll get away with this ! I'll find you ! You owe me half a million and I'm collecting it ! "

Extracted photes from Corgi paperback edition:

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