Thrity Hours of Nightmire
Tiger By The Tail

Ken Holland, a respectable, married bank official, jeopardises his happiness and his future. The sudden temptation to kick over the traces while his wife is away lands Holland up to his ears in a vortex of political intrigue and murder. Set against a background of gangster politicians, blackmailers, gunmen and hard-boiled characters, the action of this explosive thriller takes place over a period of only thirty hours. But what hours they are!
Most memorable quotes:
"The dog foxed him," Adams went on, moving slowly towards her. "He hadn't got the dog organised.
"The jury will love your legs," Adams said comfortingly. "You'll only get twenty years. You'll be out of all the misery that's coming when they drop the H-bomb. You don't know yet, but you're a lucky girl." --Gilda turned and ran. She took five swift steps before she reached the big, curtained window.She didn't stop. She went through the curtains, through the glass and out of the window. --Adams heard her thin, wailing scream as she went down into the darkness, and the thud of her body as it struck the sidewalk, sixteen stories below."

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