Lay Her Among The Lilies

It was unfortunate that an unopened letter should have been left in the pocket of an old mackintosh for fourteen months. Particularly since the writer of the letter - Janet Crosby, the millionaire heiress - died of heart failure on the day the letter was written.When Vic Malloy, Director of Universal Services, eventually opened the letter he found $500 and instructions to probe the affairs of Janet's wayward sister, Maureen. But by this time Maureen had come into Janet's fortune, with the proviso that she lost all the money if she became publicly involved in a scandal.Malloy decided to visit the Crosby mansion to try to talk to Maureen, but when he left he found he was being trailed by a hired gunman whose orders were obviously to get him out of the way - fast...
" ...I let my lips rest against her temple. She seemed to like that... She came against me, her mouth on mine. We stayed like that for some time. Then suddenly she pushed away and stood up. For a moment I thought she was just a kiss-and-good-by-girl, but I was wrong. She crossed the room to the door and turned the key. Then she come back -..."

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